I should have known

When my online supplier had this under flowering seeds. I just had to order for them. A rainbow rose would surely be my dream.  

I wasted no time in ordering  for the seeds.  There were special instructions how to go about sowing the seeds. I followed those instructions but nothing happened.  And then it occurred to me that I should read the reviews and lo and behold most reviews talked about disappointments and bluntly told me rainbow roses do not exist. 

This guy sure made money fooling so many but the strange thing I noticed was this prestigious Site still continues to have it as an item for sale. 

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Written by grace


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    • I really do not know why I forget to check reviews. I committed that blunder once again a couple of days ago when I was sending a hamper of essential items for my old and faithful ex maid I ordered for a couple of boxes of cookies which on review I found they were bad. I cancelled the order of that particular item and the Site is refunding me.


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