It’s Official – I am Cheating

My food never turns out like the picture. It discourages me. However I found a way to cheat and make a cookie that looks pretty! I am so excited to deliver it to my neighbor. The cookie part is a perfectly round soft cookie that came out of a box.

I managed to make a caramel sauce, all by myself. I put a pecan half on the cookie and drizzled it with sauce. I know it is cheating. I will tell them I cheated right after the new year.

It reminds me of following a recipe to make a special breakfast. I followed it just as it was written. I was so disappointed with the way things turned out that I called the person who gave me the recipe to see what I had done wrong. She said “Did you follow the recipe?”


“Well I never do!”


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter