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I gotta defend the League! 😂

Who could have ever foretold this, I’m going to defend the League. Just a little.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the site ISideWith, it’s a quiz with many questions that helps you with voting, by showing you the candidate who agrees the most with your views. It is told to be reliable, but you may not trust it anyway.

Don’t worry, when I did it for Italy the League was not the first result. Oddly enough, it was Casapound, which is closer to Fascism compared to the “poor” League that came second.

Oh no, am I fascist or an alt-right supporter?

I took the same quiz for Canada and the United States. Of course, I kept the same “fascist” views and answered the questions. Some were unique, but most were alike.

Results show I’m a democrat. LMAO

Is the quiz rigged? If so, at what point?

Should we rely on this quiz entirely? The answer is no, obviously.

By the way, is a temporary ban on ALL immigration truly an argument over there, on the other side of the ocean? I hope not.


Jokes aside, though these aren’t really matters we should joke about, the results made me wonder. It seems like politics, especially foreign ones, are seen as extreme.

The truth is that the majority of people are moderate, centrists.

At least, that’s how it is in Italy. I consider myself a moderate too.

The Italian parties meet the needs of the population, meaning the main ones are centrists too. Extremist parties collect very few votes.

However, as the small extremist parties are unable to compete with the big ones, what happens is that radical people will vote for the moderate party they agree with the most. The League doesn’t hold extreme views, nor does the Democratic Party, but it’s a minority among the voters who does, because big parties, by “definition”, have to be moderate.

I bet it works alike in other countries, tell me in the comments.


Don’t be concerned about freedom, as long as the Constitution (or whatever you have) is left untouched. Most people are sane, thankfully. You don’t hear them often because moderates tend to not be activists, but they’re the majority.

The only enemy is propaganda, which turns people insane. This deadly weapon is mostly held by the media, not politicians themselves (unless they bribe, of course). The best armor is the brain: make sure people think with their own and have access to knowledge.


I somehow admire Casapound because they’re fun and harmless. Unfortunately, the quality of being “entertaining” isn’t exactly what I look for in a candidate.

  • Have you ever taken a quiz on ISideWith?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Will do soon
  • If yes, was the result you got the one you expected?

    • Yes
    • No, but close
    • Not at all
    • N/A
  • Do you think the majority of people in your country are moderate/centrist?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I have no clue

What do you think?

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  1. I have never heard of this site and if I am rightly told you, I am completely uninterested in politics, dear friend … even in my country, politics is of no interest to me … much less world politics … only your head hurts from politics …. all I know is that they are all exactly the same …. they promise everything when they come to power but they do something completely different …. the bastards themselves

    • I know, it’s a cycle of promises which are not kept. I think some politicians would like to do what they promised but they’re unable for various reasons. Politics affect our lives but it’s frustrating our votes seem to be worthless, I totally understand how you feel. 😐

  2. The quizzes are most likely ludicrously worthless to the participant based on the oversimplification of too few questions. It’s not real to viewers but was probably made to test messages for some group that wishes to influence the media. Or, perhaps, it is an underhanded way to collect information without people knowing that they are participating in a poll. That anyone taking the quiz would learn anything about themselves or be assisted in any way by taking it is slim to none. Well, mostly none. (this is my opinion)

    • I felt it was a way to make people believe they belong to a certain party because I thought the results I got didn’t make much sense, some sort of brainwashing, and this quiz is allegedly one of the best as it has many questions and many options to choose from (user-made too). I can’t imagine how bad the other quizzes would be then. 😅
      As I replied to Vida, I prefer PolitiScales.
      I’m not too concerned about privacy, I’m only bothered by the fact they might make money by selling information, and I’m not given a share of the “booty”.
      Well, yours is a very fair opinion, thanks for sharing. 😊

      • Here they have made politics like sports rivalries a bit. There is a lot of single issue voting here. You could be a democrat based on a single answer – about guns, about abortion rights, about immigration, …. (there is a lot of “all or none”)
        I wonder if anything “on line” does not have a hidden agenda. I also fear that these questions define what the issues are for people in a very sneaky way. One might care about numerous nuclear issues but they are never brought up. Perhaps they don’t matter to anyone and I should just care about some issue I can be emotional about instead?
        I wonder if many Europeans are ever not Democrats because of a few single issues used here to manipulate voters (or brainwash is not far off). One cannot be brainwashed with reason – an emotional tact needs to be used.
        Polarize and divide is the order of the day I guess.

        • So true, parties don’t work like they’re supposed to. Well said, we have a “popular” party that relies on emotions and one that opposes it by saying how wrong and immoral the “populists” are, exploiting emotions again.
          No content, no realist plans, no useful proposals, nothing.
          It’s the easy way and nobody complains. 😟
          Hmm, the quiz allows you to select how important an issue is for you, but I don’t know how exactly that works.

  3. I have never heard of this site before. I don’t align with any party. I personally believe that all politicians love to divide people make enemies of each other for personal gains. I hate the whole tribe.

    • Quizzes have to be taken with skepticism and criticism, but I think they can help with leading the way, from time to time. When it comes to political views, I prefer PolitiScales: no parties are involved and the result is fun to read, plenty of factors kept into account.

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