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Hugs are good for health!

Who never wanted a hug after a no good day or a rather difficult time?

While it is true that many of us still dread this way of affection, on the other hand, it is also a fact that for others the feeling of a ‘good’ embrace is almost indescribable. And according to science, this sensation is so pleasant that it does well even to health.

And do not think that these benefits are only of emotional scope …

1 – Reduces stress and blood pressure – Physical contact, in general, helps decrease stress levels. The hug, like the kiss, releases oxytocin. This substance acts by reducing the risk of heart disease and also acts directly under the anxiety.

2 – Increases happiness – It turns out that when we embrace or are hugged our body produces endorphins, also known as the wellness hormone. So the hug is basically a formula for happiness just an arm away.

3 – Embrace between mother and son – Of course, the hug is also closely linked to the emotions. Among mothers and children, the hug is something really special since oxytocin acts from the first months of life, during breastfeeding. This strengthens the biological and emotional bonds between mother and child.

4 – Hugs is good for communication – At the romantic level, hugging can be extremely beneficial to relationships. Often couples have communication problems, which can generate discussion and stress. A hug at these moments helps to create the feeling of empathy and also promotes a good sense of understanding through a language that does not necessarily have to be said.

5 – A hug can spice up relationships – Speaking of relationships … Hugging also interferes with sexual desire. Dopamine released by physical contact increases sexual desire and has been proven by science that sex does well for both body and mind. That is, nothing better than a beautiful hug to relax and unite the couples.

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