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How to wear a mask and keep your skin healthy

In the context of the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, it seems that we are all reaching consensus on the use of protective masks in closed spaces.

If it is true that your protection is now indispensable, it is also true that continued use brings us some problems for the skin.

Here are some tips for keeping your skin healthy:

1 – The microclimate of the mask (hot and humid) makes the skin more sensitive and reactive: wash the face with dermatological products for sensitive skin and then apply fluid skin cream;

2 – The microclimate of the mask also promotes the appearance of acne (pimples) in people with oily skin: wash with a dermatological product for oily skin, 3 times a day and apply a sebum-regulating dermatological cream.

3 – The mask makes the skin red around the mouth: apply a dermatological healing cream 2 to 3 times a day, in a thin layer;

4 – The use of the mask promotes the appearance of mouthpieces (cracks in the corners of the mouth): apply a healing lotion with zinc oxide or sucralfate several times a day (decreases humidity and soothes inflammation);

5 – Occlusion of the mask (due to pressure on the face, in watertight masks) causes maceration: apply, during rest periods, at night, an ointment with zinc oxide in a thin layer. Soothes, protects, reduces inflammation and recovers the skin.

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  1. My husband complains of glasses fogging up when he drives. My son wears PPE for almost 18 hours everyday and he has rashes on his hands, this happens with front line health workers

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