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How to spend time in a healthier and happier way – Part 1

There are certain habits that we have that do not contribute to our well-being, unlike others, that play in this favor. There are practices that help us make the most of our time and have a happier life, with health, resilience and success.

Here are some:

Define the time that (not) is well spent – Certainly we will all have a different view of what it means to enjoy time. But one of the versions is one in which, when looking back, we can feel good about what we did. For some people, this may mean achieving something more in their careers; for others, it can represent an opportunity for new life habits. It’s your choice. Try to follow it.

Look inside – Sometimes we avoid something – consciously or unconsciously – because facing it is uncomfortable. This happens with college, work, or deeper personal issues. In an attempt to get away from this discomfort, our mind goes on a natural search for something to distract it. However, it is important to note that we may be trying to escape something that could even be positive for us.A gratitude journal, a meditation and conversations with friends are healthy ways to help identify what we are trying to avoid.

Empathy – Mirror neurons. Have you heard? When we tell an engaging story, the other person’s neurons, who hear us, fire in the same way as ours. This effect is the science of empathy, which helps us make connections and promote relationships, which, for us, is synonymous with happiness. So, even when the unexpected happens, think about the story he offers us to tell later.

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  1. The overall evaluation of time spent is a hard thing to do. I question the time i spend on Virily now, a lot. I also question things I do the rest of the day.

    Being in nature is the one thing I do not question!

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