How to Show You're a Freelance Writer (When You Have No Experience)

Start a Blog. This is the simplest way to get your writing online and one that can help you land freelance writing work. … Start Guest Posting. Guest posting is when your content is on someone else’s website. …

Two pillars that Lay the Foundation of Your Success Pillar 1: Commit and create your freelance business plan:

If it’s your goal to succeed as a freelancer then you need to start by committing 100%.

You can’t stay held back forever, and trust me when I say there will never be a perfect time to start!

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  1. A literary specialist wrote, his research as to why most people write was:
    * To release their often complex and convoluted thoughts,
    * To provide an effective source of grounding and stress release,
    * Taking a greater burden off of their shoulders.
    * To speak to an audience — to get something off their chest.
    * To create and maintain relationships with people around the world.

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