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How I Learned to Eat Green and Orange Veggies

Everybody’s history of food experiences begins in their childhood.  Growing up in my house, since my mom cooked most of the meals (until my brother decided he wanted to learn to cook), I thought that there were only two types of greens: spinach and collards.

What’s worse?  My mom only served us spinach from a can.  Can you imagine?  I was an adult fully grown by the time I had my first taste of fresh spinach.  But once I tasted it, there was no turning back!

As for collard greens?  My mom used to cook huge pots of collards on an almost daily basis.  When I say“huge” I mean like an 8-quart stockpot.  Of course, the greens had to be seasoned with ham hocks or smoked pork neck bones.  To be fair to my mom, there was a logical reason for cooking such a large pot.  A bowl of greens with a huge slice of cornbread served as a meal for me, my sister, and my brothers; and also for my uncles who would regularly drop by our house and ask “What’s in the pot sis?”

When it came to eating my greens, at least the greens that I knew to eat, that was not a problem.  But my mom trying to get me to eat carrots?  That was another story.

My mother preaching about the value of consuming carrots was relentless and convincing.  Realizing that carrots were good for me … and because I didn’t want to disappoint my mom … I decided that even though I didn’t like this root veggie it needed to be included in my diet.  My solution?  Did you know that carrots can be juiced and the flavor can be masked when blended with other more pleasant tasting fruit juices?  Of course, you knew that!  Best healthy drinking trick ever!!

These days I still love eating my greens but without the ham hocks because of that particular food being linked to high blood pressure and other cardiovascular health problems.  I also eat more than just spinach and collards.  There are so many wonderful leafy greens like Swiss chard, kale, turnip greens, mustard greens, cabbage, etc.

So my healthy eating food rule for life is:  Drink your carrots.  Eat your greens.

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