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 This question isn’t ridiculous at all. In fact, I’m sure it’s one reason so many people don’t back up: they just don’t know-how. For a critically important thing like backing up, that’s more than scary. People lose valuable information all the time. Either from malware, hardware failure, account hacks, or other disasters, backing-up could easily have prevented such a loss. 

Let’s first look at what a computer back up means, and what options you have. Backing-up is to make a copy of something and then keeping that copy in a safe place. That’s it! Nothing more, nothing less. The key-word is “copy”, as in duplication of data. In backing up, you have the same information in more places. 

My fundamental rule:

 If it’s in one place only, it’s not backed up. People misunderstand the concept, since, copying their information to their “backup” drive, they usually delete the original. So, there still is only one copy, the one on the backup drive or whatever you prefer to call the device it’s on, if it’s in only one place,

 it’s not backed up!

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  1. I am OK on the backup concept and I am also considering getting a Photostick to back up all my photos. I sure would hate to lose the photos I have online. I have photos also backed up on the disc attached to my PC but I am thinking of having a backup just for photos.

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