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I love to cook. Everything. From baking bread to decorating birthday cakes. Every kind of food is equally exciting and demanding. Spices are a kind of magic stuff – they can turn swills into delicacy. But, the main ingredient was always the same – love. If you love what you do – you’ll perform magic.

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    Which cookies look better?

    • For Slava
    • For no reason
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    Which pizza type would you rather eat?

    • Classic pizza
    • Pizza bombs
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    Which chocolate creamy pastry would you rather have?

    • The snowflake pie
    • Chocolate buns
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    What kind of barbecue do you prefer?

    • Kebabs
    • Shish kebabs with vegetables
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    Which cookies do you prefer?

    • Coconut cookies
    • Homemade Snickers
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    Which design do you prefer?

    • Fish Pâté
    • Birthday cake
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    How do you prefer meat?

    • Fried
    • Grilled
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    What do you prefer to eat?

    • Meat
    • Ice cream


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