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Health is gold, gold is the most valuable asset

Health is an invaluable treasure that must always be treasured, preserved, and protected. When we were young, we often wasted our health until we realized its value and sought to respect it. We often don’t appreciate health because it always exists, it doesn’t make us worry, and then we don’t really care about it until sometime we admit we have to …

Cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, stroke, cancer … The diseases on the list can be prevented for a long time, so take care of health right now or never, because it will come time to chance regret is no longer.

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  1. One thing people never mention is to take care of your feet. Wear good shoes, you can wear as many shoes as you like but you only have one pair of feet.
    Never run in high heels or avoid it, I did and my feet paid for it
    You never know how important your feet are until you get to 40 yrs.
    I used to go to gym and bounce up and down with carrying barbells it was a lot of fun but I paid for it later.
    What happened? Heel plantar. Wear proper shoes, Which I do. Feet are something you really need to care for.

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