Don’t limit yourself to one type of media. If you enjoy writing, then sure, write some articles, posts and maybe even an eBook. But make sure you also engage with videos, downloadable audio, live streams, etc. The best niche community ideas will be easy to make plenty of content for – especially if you are passionate about it yourself.

Here’s where to find some strategies, one I use is Google Trends, you can use this app to create engaging content that will wow your community.Now that you have content to offer and you know your audience, you can start building the community.

The good news is that there’s plenty of online community platforms and apps out there to help you these days. Community platforms give users a familiar social-media experience with news-feeds, group chat, threads, private messaging, live streams, etc. but with more features and greater customization and control for the community owner.

A community platform such as Disciple allows you to create a desktop and mobile-friendly community app that has your branding and style, with all the communication tools of social media, plus a content library, membership management tools, and full control over your data.

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