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Giraffes – I Fed Two Giraffes!

Giraffes are the tallest living terrestrial animal.  They have extremely long necks and legs, horn-like ossicones on their heads and a distinctive pattern on their coats.  Heights range from 14 feet to 18.5 feet; the tallest recorded male was 19.3 feet.  Weights average 2,628 pounds for males and 1,825 pounds for females.

They are classified under the Giraffidae family along with the okapi.  Their range is from Chad in the north to South Africa in the south and from Niger in the west to Somalia in the east.  Giraffes usually live in savannahs and woodlands and eat leaves, fruits and flowers of woody plants, primarily the acacia.

Their enemies are African wild dogs, spotted hyenas, leopards and lions.

I was fortunate enough to be able to feed two giraffes last summer at the Safari Park in Port Clinton, Ohio.  The giraffes put their heads right inside our car to take carrots from my hand with their 18- inch tongues; and they were so close that I could hear them chewing.  I could easily see their long eyelashes and bulging eyes.  It was such fun!

Photo Credit:  Pixabay

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