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Fruit punch ideal to go with your Christmas dinner

First things first. Fruit punch was originated in India and the word Punch in Sanskrit means five. It used to be just any 5 fruits that one chose depending on their favourite but lime juice was always one of the five. juices. 

Sadly, as is the case with anything the originality does not exist any more  In the Hawaii for example  they use 7 types of fruits and still call that drink fruit punch. .  And even pieces of fruits are found floating in the drink  Nothing is illegal but the name fruit punch ceases to have that meaning any more. 

Enjoy your fruit punch and twist and turn it the way you like it  Merry Christmas. 

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  1. Language evolves, Grace 🙂 Some people believe the other meaning of ‘punch’ (to strike with the fist) also derives from the same source, but I think it is more likely a shortened form of ‘punish’. Anyway, I want some proper punch with my Christmas dinner this year 😀


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