Foods that reduce body irritation, and prevent stroke and heart disease

There are certain foods on our table that increase inflammation in the body. ۔ Such foods can increase blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. On the other hand, there are cheap foods that reduce internal inflammation and their regular use protects against many diseases.

Research of Harvard University’s TH Chain School of Public Health shows that if foods that increase internal inflammation are continued, the risk of stroke increases by 28% and the risk of heart disease by 46% compared to those who do not eat.

Harvard University scientists say that sugars, sweets, seed oils, chemical remedies, especially red meat, fast food, alcohol, saturated fats, soft drinks increase internal irritation in the body. While Eggs, bananas, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables such as spinach, almonds, nuts and nuts, strawberries and fruits of this species and other ingredients reduce inflammation.

In this study, foods were divided into 18 grades. These include irritating and irritating foods. On the other hand, experts estimate that regular consumption of such foods increases the risk of stroke and heart disease. We know that inflammation of the body is a precursor to some serious disorder, and now a link between it and dangerous diseases has been discovered. That’s why experts have been emphasizing healthy foods.

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