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Flour dough – a Christmas memory

As kids we had chores to do. It was a festive feel.  And we willingly did what was told.  We were not allowed in the kitchen while mother was busy getting Christmas goodies ready but when the dough was ready she would give each of us some to play with. 

We created little animals and the easiest one was the mouse and the tortoise.  She offered to fry them for us.  I remember mother asking us if we had washed our hands with soap and water before creating those little goodies.

Those were the days. 

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  1. What wonderful memories. The time I was eight and made breakfast for mom and dad. |I had to stand on a stool to reach the top of the stove but I did make some eggs. Dad was overjoyed at my creativity and mom was shocked that I had tried to do that since I had to climb on a stool. lol


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