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First harvest of mangoes

Having a mango tree is very fulfilling when the flowers bloom and small fruits appear. It is like counting the chicks while still an egg but it’s worth the happiness. And when the fruits grow and mature that they can be harvested, that’s the start of fun. Mangoes can be eaten green or yellow. The green is unripe mango but palatable with a dip of salt, fish sauce or shrimp paste. The yellow is the ripe mango that can be eaten for dessert or can be made into mango shake.

From the seedling, the mango tree takes about 4 years to start fruiting when taken care of properly. The more branches it has, the better for the fruiting since there will be more flowers that will turn into fruits. But during the hot summer, the mango needs to be irrigated to be strong and robust against the pests.

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Written by Alex Socorro


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