Fear of the future of our planet

It’s a strange life. You are carefully building your time, energy and dreams on a seemingly solid foundation, and suddenly everything you think you know and understand about this world is going out from under your feet.

We are a generation without God; having entered this world, we have already found it dead at the hands of capitalism. Whatever they are – paganism, humanism, Buddhism, magic, meditation … one has to look for his own spiritual path. There are also those who choose to believe in omnipotent science and close their eyes to the fact that science, in the hands of spiritually and ethically undeveloped mortals, becomes technological totalitarianism.

Where do we go? Is there another world in the future where there is an alternative – a sustainable, healthy, prosperous world? A world built on the foundation of hope for the future? 

Do you also feel that inexplicable, stifling fear of the future of our planet? For the choices of mankind, which, at an uncontrollable rate, lead to destruction?

Or you live in an already reconciled state that nothing can be done anymore?

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