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Fast and easy stiching

This is latest technology of science. It’s name is skin stapler. It is very and easy to use. It’s applied on every scar and cut very easily on humans body. It works is sticking on the skin of humans body. It is not expense. It’s major benifit scar less stiches.

It’s appling are very easy, stich the large scar in few seconds. It’s apply 1 centimeters distance. When press the back handle it is start applying the stiches. It’s contain 35 stiches per packet of skin stapler. These skin stapler stiches are very easy in removing, painless and clean. Medicated person very like this skin stapler stiches.

It is very useful in thick skin such as head, feet and hands. It is sterilized and packed, when need than opened. It is single use only.

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Written by Ghulam Jaffar


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