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Fake news on Facebook

After receiving several obviously fake news in my inbox in Facebook, it is high time to teach those people the decorum in social media. Spreading something you don’t know if true or not is tantamount to idiocy. Why would they forward an item that they receive, for the sake of their friends? So what if there is a corona virus in one hospital, do you think your friends needed to be warned about it?

Pardon me for my rant. I think it’s about time the users of the internet, particularly social media, should learn not to forward any item that they receive. First, that is unethical since you did not write the message yourself. Second, the message is not verified. Third, you have no business to be a sucker to spread that message.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. You are late…. you should have seen the stories in 2016… stuff posted by kids from Macedonia about how the Pope supports Trump, and other such nonsense. I even wrote an article about it here. Yes, it is full of this kind of propaganda, fake news and political posturing.

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