Fact-Free and dangerous

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

The right to decide and I do truly understand why people believe it is a right to decide. But I wish to point out something my grandfather used to say don’t argue facts was supposition. Just because you don’t like something that is said doesn’t mean you can call it a thing. Just because, just because, just because we can go on forever with that.

I read a piece on the Internet that made me cringe this morning. Now honestly, there are two kinds of cringing, so let’s be clear. There is the issue of growth friends. And then the OMG, seriously. Sadly this morning, the article I read was the OMG, seriously.

So let’s just lay some facts out. First, this cringe-worthy opinion piece that says the government wants there to be a covert 19 is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Not only is it fact-free, but it is also dangerously close to something that shouldn’t be said. The economy of the US is going to take a big hit. The economy of the world is going to take a big hit. The reality is nobody wants Covid 19. So any article that says it’s a plot, it’s a secret society, it’s the government should probably just be ignored. Most people already ignore them.

If you have two views a day on your posts (this person had 5) its time to consider, packing it in.

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    Is it dangerous to share information that has no basis in fact?

    • Yes
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    Facts are simple, they are either tested or made up. right?

    • Yes
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    as a writer, i am always seeking views – less than 10 views and I feel like i have failed….

    • Yes


What do you think?

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  1. I have two articles still waiting for approval from when the trouble first started. I assume they will never be approved now. I have not had any earnings credited here since last September, last year, either.

    I am not game to try to write another piece, and see if it gets approved again now.


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