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Extreme COVID Kindness

My nature has tasked me to attack the world with kindness. I wish, frowners and scowlers a great day. Wish them good health on the bus, on the streets, at the stores. My wife, Daleen, said kindness is the most joyful gift. Often, scowls ease. We exchange some words about jobs. COVID 19. Sometimes they tell me to stuff myself and it feels like bullets striking right and left and while trying to dodge the pain. Sometimes I just want to slide down into asshole-itude. When she’s not near, I imagine Daleen being disappointed. So, I  envision frowners and scowlers carrying grudges. I do it with some *weird wordplay when I reload a brace of kindness and do it all over again. At least I will try changing their, *Tentin Quarantino, locked-down burdened- attitudes, into that of the cool Pulp Fiction character played by *Quentin Tarantino, (lol)

NOTE: * Harmless wordplay.

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