Meaning of the headline: Acolytes are assistants, followers or promoters, and flux is constant change, therefore, we are assistants, followers, or promoters of constant change.“It’s never too late to do what you might have done.” ~ Tranquilpen© 2020OMG, do you realize we are in the second half of 2020? Don’t you feel like we have been in limbo forever?A lot of folks feel like they are mired up in routine and controversy. I get this rush of endorphins just seeing something positive on social media because it’s not that often something makes me smile.But dang, don’t we have a lot of material for stories?Our own feelings are so unlike anything that we’ve known before. Our local school board are at loggerheads, about opening up or staying closed, and on a bigger note, the district in my area still hasn’t said if, when, or how it is opening the schools either. A lot of stumbling around. Parents don’t know how to plan….parents who have been out of work or juggling kids and work and homeschooling. Teachers are angry that parents are angry, feeling parents just don’t understand. The authorities in charge of keeping behind closed doors. Then also, let’s not dare forget that our favorite writing site, is also in an apparent state of flux I’m telling you, someone ought to write a book!The emotions are there…the players…and so many catalysts for a plot in almost any genre.So, if you can step out of yourself for a moment and look down upon your life and the world around you, how could you turn this into a story? My head is swirling with all that potential.(lol)

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  1. I noticed that when I posted my poem. I had nice spacing between the verses but when I pasted it into Virily after posting there were no more spaces. One time I pasted in a text and it wound up posting in a very interesting script that I have no idea where it came from.

  2. i found over the ages here, that editing in word is dangerous with Virily. They appear to be using an earlier iteration of HTML coding, than what Microsoft has in word.

    I think the emotions of today are interesting you raise a great point. I would simply say that i wish nothing more than to become an ostrich often. But then, something galvanized me and i rise to fight again!

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