EPL poll ~ 7/19/20

The English Premier League has a doubleheader for you today before the FA Cup semifinal match between Manchester United and Chelsea.  Here is a look at the schedule in the EPL for today.

Southampton at AFC Bournemouth – 9 AM EST (NBC Sports).

Leicester City at Tottenham Hotspur – 11 AM EST (NBC Sports).

Simply put, Bournemouth needs a win or a tie or they will be relegated.  They may possibly catch Southampton off guard because Southampton is in 12th place with nothing much to play for.  The second match is a doozy with Leicester City vying against Tottenham Hotspur in London.

Leicester City needs a win in order to remain in 4th place and in the final qualifying spot for the UEFA Champions League next season.  Tottenham needs a win or a tie to remain in 7th place in the table, the final qualifying spot for the UEFA Europa League.  Guaranteed money for next season is on the line in this match.

  • Question of

    Bournemouth or Southampton?

    • Bournemouth
    • Southampton
    • Park the bus! (Draw)
  • Question of

    Tottenham or Leicester City?

    • Tottenham
    • Leicester City
    • Park the bus! (Draw)


What do you think?

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  1. It would be great if Chelsea wins FA Cub. I like that the manager is a former English player. There are only foreigners in the English Premier League. Real Madrid won the Spanish league the other day. Huesca, another team from my region, will be in the First Division next season. Atlético deserves to win the Champions League. They have played 3 finals and they lost the 3 of them havingan incredible bad luck.

    • Chelsea v Manchester United is still 0-0 at half. Keep Kepa away from the FA Cup. Chelsea has to win the FA Cup because they are losing to Bayern in the Champions League. The reason why there are so many foreigners in the Premier League is because they generate the most money. The pressure to stay up means that they go out and get the best players. Right now, the best players in the world live in Spain, Brazil, Argentina, France, Belgium, and Portugal. Atletico has a good chance, but Bayern is playing the best out of anyone after the restart.

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