English Premier League poll ~ 7/2/20

July the 2nd is the official halfway point of each calendar year.  After so much that has gone on in the first half of 2020, these two matches in the English Premier League will give you the inspiration you need to urge you on to make the second half of this year way better than the first half.

To wet your palate, the English Premier League offers to you today a doubleheader of two top-10 matches.  The first match has 8th place Tottenham Hotspur travelling to 10th place Sheffield United.  Only one point separates the two clubs in the standings.  

The second match is the marquee match-up of the day with newly-crowned Premier League champs Liverpool travelling to 2nd place Manchester City.  Although all of the intrigue was taken out of this match because Liverpool already clinched the title, having the top two teams playing against each other is always fun to watch.

  • Question of

    Sheffield United or Tottenham Hotspur?

    • Sheffield United
    • Tottenham
  • Question of

    Manchester City or Liverpool?

    • Man City
    • Liverpool


What do you think?

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    • Both teams played their starters. This game had nothing on the line since Liverpool already won the title already. I am still waiting for the ruling on Manchester City to see if they will be banned from Champions League for 2 seasons.

      • I hope so. It will be great if Manchester City cannot play. They have too much money and it is not fair for humble teams to compete against such a rich team. Write a post when the decision is made, I would love to read it.

          • My pleasure. Yes, I would love to know the decision but I am afraid Manchester City has so much money they will win. I really want Manchester City does not play the Champions League. They could not sign so many expensive players. This will be great

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