English Premier League poll ~ 7/15/20

The English Premier League (EPL) has four games on deck for today.  Two top ten match-ups are the marquee match-ups for today.  All four matches will be shown on the Peacock streaming system.  Here is the schedule.

Wolverhampton Wanderers (Wolves) at Burnley – 1 PM EST.

AFC Bournemouth at Manchester City – 1 PM EST.

Tottenham Hotspur at Newcastle – 1 PM EST.

Liverpool at Arsenal – 3:15 PM EST.

Sixth-place Wolverhampton is on the road against tenth-place Burnley.  Wolverhampton needs the win to stay in sixth place.  Burnley needs a win in order to still have a chance at qualifying for the Europa League next season.  

Manchester City is absolutely ecstatic because they will not be banned from European competition for the next two years.  Bournemouth needs a win in order to have a chance to escape the relegation zone.  Bournemouth finally found some gumption within themselves after upsetting Leicester City 4-1 in their last game.

Newcastle will be travelling to London to face off against Tottenham Hotspur.  A Tottenham win and a Wolverhampton loss could move Tottenham up to sixth place.  Hopefully, Tottenham does not park the bus in this must-win game because Jose Mourinho is their coach.  He is a good coach, but he is prone to being the bus driver that parks the bus.

The final match is the regular season champs Liverpool also travelling to London to go up against 9th place Arsenal.  Arsenal needs a win in order to stay in contention for a Europa League spot next season.  

  • Question of

    Burnley or Wolverhampton?

    • Burnley
    • Wolves
    • Park the bus! (Draw)
  • Question of

    Manchester City or Bournemouth?

    • Man City
    • Bournemouth
    • Park the bus! (Draw)
  • Question of

    Newcastle or Tottenham?

    • Newcastle
    • Tottenham
    • Park the bus! (Draw)
  • Question of

    Arsenal or Liverpool?

    • Arsenal
    • Liverpool
    • Park the bus! (Draw)


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  1. Bournemouth is such a great city. It is a city I know really, really well. We all should hate PSG and Manchester City that are destroying the world of football. Manchester City has only been forgiven because they are wealthy and powerful. I hope Manchester City and PSG do never win Champions League.

    • Fortunately, PSG and Manchester City have been spending their money ineffectively. PSG spends all of their money on forwards, but they do not have a good defense or a good midfield. PSG will not be really good for the next few seasons because Mbappe is leaning towards Real Madrid and Neymar wants to go back to Barcelona. Manchester City continues to sign the wrong players in the central midfield and in the central defense. If Manchester United ends up in the Top 4, then they will be able to sign more players to stay ahead of Manchester City in the future.

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