English Premier League 2020 (Last day poll)

The best day of the English Premier League (EPL) season is the last day of the season.  The battle for Champions League spots and the relegation scrap is on the line today in England.  All ten matches will be played at 11 AM EST in order to avoid cheating.  Here is a quick look at the schedule.  All of the matches will be televised as well.

Tottenham Hotspur at Crystal Palace (Peacock).

Brighton Hove & Albion at Burnley (Peacock).

Watford at Arsenal (Golf Network).

Manchester United at Leicester City (NBC).

Sheffield United at Southampton (Peacock).

Aston Villa at West Ham United (NBC Sports).

Bournemouth at Everton (CNBC).

Wolverhampton Wanderers at Chelsea (USA).

Norwich City at Manchester City (Peacock).

Liverpool at Newcastle United (Peacock).

Three teams are looking for the last two Champions League spots.  Manchester United and Chelsea both have 63 points.  Leicester City is one point behind with 62 points.  As you can see, Manchester United is going up against Leicester City.  Whichever team wins is in.  Manchester United is also in with a tie and a Chelsea loss/tie.  Leicester City is also in with a tie and a Chelsea loss.  Chelsea is in with a win or a tie along with a Leicester City loss.  Millions of dollars are on the line for those last two places.

The relegation battle is intriguing as well.  Aston Villa is currently outside of the relegation zone in 17th with 34 points.  Watford is in the relegation zone in 18th with 34 points.  Aston Villa has the tiebreaker at this point.  Bournemouth is in 19th place with 31 points.

Bournemouth will move up to 17th with a win along with Aston Villa and Watford losing.  Watford is in with a Bournemouth loss/tie.  Watford is also in with a win or a tie along with an Aston Villa loss.  Watford can also get in with Aston Villa winning, but Watford would have to win their game and score two more goals than Aston Villa.

Have fun making picks because there are plenty of matches today.

  • Question of

    Crystal Palace or Tottenham?

    • CP
    • Tottenham
    • Park the bus! (Draw)
  • Question of

    Southampton or Sheffield United?

    • Southampton
    • Sheffield United
    • Park the bus! (Draw)
  • Question of

    Burnley or Brighton?

    • Burnley
    • Brighton
    • Park the bus! (Draw)
  • Question of

    West Ham or Aston Villa?

    • West Ham
    • Aston Villa
    • Park the bus! (Draw)
  • Question of

    Everton or Bournemouth?

    • Everton
    • Bournemouth
    • Park the bus! (Draw)
  • Question of

    Chelsea or Wolverhampton?

    • Chelsea
    • Wolves
    • Park the bus! (Draw)
  • Question of

    Manchester City or Norwich City?

    • Man City
    • Norwich
    • Park the bus! (Draw)
  • Question of

    Newcastle or Liverpool?

    • Newcastle
    • Liverpool
    • Park the bus! (Draw)
  • Question of

    Arsenal or Watford?

    • Arsenal
    • Watford
    • Park the bus! (Draw)
  • Question of

    Leicester City or Manchester United?

    • Leicester
    • Man United
    • Park the bus! (Draw)


What do you think?

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