This is my eighth question, third question which I’m ask on which cover you prefer!

We are nearing our publishing launch date of Eric’s second edition of his first novel. We have revamped the interior and to match our efforts on the inside we’re upgrading the outside. Tell us if this new cover is an improvement. Which cover is the better one? Also, if you have a moment leave us a comment, or you can message me, telling us what you like or don’t like about either cover. I’ll write an episode of Eren’s Challenge, using ideas offered by the person with the most helpful feedback regarding the covers. I’ll gather your episode ideas when I contact you back.

  • We’re here to ask you which cover we should use for Eric’s novel, Exhaust from the Tin Woods. Which one do you think we should use?

    • Exhaust from the Tin Woods 1
    • Exhaust from the Tin Woods 2


What do you think?