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I knew I would not get paid for March as the amount was already mentioned in the Dashboard, last time.  This is a first time for me that I do not get paid ever since I joined here in July 2019. I got paid every single month

The April picture is worse when it comes to number of Virils. I am here every day and post on an average 4 posts a day.  This has been my way right from day one and  for this effort I got paid well all the time.

I thought Ads would make a difference but that has had no effect on earnings.

 I am confused though. The total unpaid shows 0+April earnings.  Why should there be a zero as I have earned in  March as well!!  Can anyone explain?

  • Do you think the earning situation will improve for the community?

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What do you think?


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  1. CHARLES KINGSLEY finished his novel “Westward Ho!” in 1855 and it became an instant bestseller. By 1897 Kingsley’s book stuck it out for thirty-eight reprint times and really brought the North Devon coast to the attention of the Victorians, wow, reprinted thirty-eight times that was incredible, so I guess, I’ll just stick around Virily too, so, it’s a Westward Ho! for me too 🙂

  2. Overall, advertising rates have lowered due to many businesses not advertising their products. Even though it began late last year, the COVID-19 has made it worse. But, the rates for this month are better than last month.

    • I agree with you that the Virily rate has gone up. It was 21 cents for March and it works out to 34 cents for April for every 1000 Virils. But the whole pattern of earnings has changed. about which you must be aware. I have even earned 30,000 virils earlier and now for the same activity my earnings are around 10,000 virils.

  3. I could take a stab at it. We had people abusing the system for a couple of months – bad characters we’ll call them. We saw things were not going well and the same things kept happening – then the pandemic and EVERYONE had to stop and reconsider how they were spending their time – we don’t know about the health of those who run or own the site – we don’t know their financial situation – we do know they were without advertising for a time. – they have to recoup those earnings to have the income to share – this is my theory.

    If my theory is correct, we need to write deep, comment often, pick great topics and hold up through the tough times. We need to stay positive and report those things that would harm the site. If it’s all about the money then it probably won’t work. But if it’s about the money and the community it’s worth a shot.


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