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Early mornings

They say that every morning we are born again, and what we do today is of paramount importance. Not what was yesterday or what will be tomorrow – today is the day to live.

From an early age, I looked with doubts at my mother’s favorite “morning is wiser than evening”, but now I have learned that the worries of the day seem unbearable, insurmountable, all-inclusive, but overnight they shrink, soak in cushion, become dreams, and morning already does not look so scary, but warm as a child who has just awakened.

It makes me happy in the first hours of the morning – they are always very important to me! I don’t like to hurry in the mornings, so sometimes I get up a couple of hours earlier to stay in a quiet home with my thoughts and then have some fun at home. Only it is difficult to get up when we are traveling.

Well, those who know the value and meaning of the morning, know the meaning of life. Wake up in the morning, do not hurry up, as if it were your first and last morning. The morning is a gift – only some unpack it and some don’t.

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