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Don’t trade your authenticity for approval

I read this saying somewhere online, maybe in Pinterst, I am not so sure now. I really loved it. Each one of us are unique and authentic, but just for the sake of acceptance and approval we often do things that are really not us at all.

My friends tell me I ought to use some makeup, but that is not me. I like to be simple. I do use a dash of lipstick most of the time, but nothing more. I like who I am, I don’t like being covered in paint. ( No offense Intended) I respect you if you can wear heavy make up and carry it off well.

My likes may not be your idea of beauty or life,  but that is who I am. I am comfortable in my skin, my thoughts and in my way of life. I like being authentic. I like being unique.

It’s important to be happy with oneself , trying to find happiness outside is a waste of time when you don’t like who you are.

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