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Do you love tea?

Many people, when asked if they like tea, say they drink tea only when they are sick, some drink it in winter, and the third, they drink tea everyday, in the summer and winter. This hot fragrant drink strengthens us when we are tired, it warms us when it is cold and we believe it or not refreshed on high fumes. In countries where big heat reigns, tea is often consumed throughout the day, not cold juices.Tea can be enjoyed, talked or read well, tea treats and relaxes, our tea calms us, whether it’s green, black or fruit, bitter or sweet. The two things we associate with tea are lemon and honey, and sometimes with certain cautions and milk.My grandmother always prepared tea from the chamomile, throat her throat, make me warm up a little, not hurt my stomach … And today, chamomile tea is my favorite remedy for all the problems, and my sweet return to childhood.

  • Do you love tea?

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    • No
  • do you have any favorite?

    • chamomile
    • menta
    • green tea
    • fruit tea

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