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Robin Biznis July 17.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

Nis lat. Nais, city in which the Emperor of Constantine was born, will be the stage of the jubilee 25 Jazz festival.

The main program will be held from August 2-11th.The main program starts August 8th.

There will be numerous guests from Serbia and abroad.There will be many music groups from the USA.

To mention some of the artists who will present themselves to the audience with their musical knowledge: Bob Geldof, Maceo Parker, Sean Kuti, Jamal Thomas, Jo Mersa Marley, Chriss Potter, Malina Moye, Kenny Werner, Christian Scott, Larry Vuckovic, etc.

The program called Nisville closes August 11th.

Come to this hospitable city to socialize and listen to good jazz music.

You are welcome.

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    Do you know which Roman Emperor was born in this city?

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  1. Seeing Maceo Parker would be really cool. He used to play the saxophone for James Brown. Which instrument do you like to hear when listening to jazz? I like the piano, guitar, saxophone, and trumpet.

    • Constantine the Great (full name of Flavia Valeria Aurelius Constantine, Lat. Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus [flaːwɪʊs walɛrɪʊs aureːlɪʊs koːnstantiːnʊs], also known as Constantine I. or Sveti K, in the Orthodox Church Holy Apostle Constantine the Great) (Naissus, February 27th around 272. – Nicomedia, May 22, 337), a Roman emperor.

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