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Do we really know how to enjoy life?

We have heard the phrase that life is too short countless times. Did we also internalize this fact? Do we really know how to live it? Relax to the end, enjoy, let yourself be pampered, leave the choice to others? When we come home from work or sit on the garden, balcony, terrace, sofa … and take an hour of rest, despite the fact that the apartment looks like a bomb has fallen. And without a guilty conscience! If you’re worried about what else you should do, then this well-deserved vacation doesn’t count.

Or at least once a month we treat ourselves to a massage, sauna, dinner in a restaurant, theater, concert, drink with friends, trip, picnic – anything that pampers us, relaxes us, disconnects us from everyday life, routines. Time for yourself means not only a modern phrase, but a mandatory part of life.

I admit that I started looking at life from this side only recently. But it is never too late.

  • Do you know how to enjoy life?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. what a great question – do we live our life to the fullest we can!

    I like Carol’s philosophy (both) one is smiling at everyone it may be the only smile they get that day. The other is do what we can do.

    So here is a smile for you!!

  2. After running up against anxiety and being unable to do much but fight against my nerves for over a week I can say once I win the battle and feel better I am going to go walking at least 3 times a week and enjoy nature and the outside.


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