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Do not let your emotions to have power over you

Emotions themselves are neutral, but they bring us harm if we identify with them. We should step aside from bad emotions so that they do not have power over us.

The main goal of our life is happiness. It is obvious. Regardless of whether we are atheists or believers, Buddhists or Christians, we are all looking for something better in life. Thus, in my opinion, the main movement in our life is the movement to happiness. 

If we distance ourselves from one’s own emotions, it will free us from their power. Anger, fear, jealousy is not only painful for those to whom they are directed, but also destroy those who experience them.

Everything that happens to us is neither bad nor good in itself. Only we ourselves – our minds – perceive events and actions as joyful or sad, offensive or inspiring us.

It all starts with the fact that we are excessively attached to ourselves and our desires. We want to get what we like and get rid of what causes discomfort. And, when reality does not meet our expectations, confusion, frustration or loss of strength arise, which subsequently generates negative and erratic emotional reactions. And the actions that these reactions push us to cause even greater suffering, both within ourselves and around us.

For me, the way out of this situation is meditation.

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