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Digital Projects While On Quarantine

Since I am spending most of the time in front of my laptop these days, I might as well, do something productive. Here are some of the projects that I have in mind.

  1. Start and maintain my own blog and YouTube channel about graphics design. Drawing and graphics design is more of a hobby for me. I have been using different apps on my laptop and my phone. I wanted to share some tips and tutorials on my own blog and YouTube channel. I have already made my blog which is no hosted at Blogspot. ( ). I plan to make YouTube channel in the next two weeks.
  2. Create More Designs for My RedBubble store.- I got a Redbubble account. For those who are not familiar with Redbubble. it’s an online platform where artists can upload designs for t-shirts, mug, stickers, and other apparel and sell them. Redbubble will take care of the printing and shipping.
  3. Create Contents for Pixabay. Hitting two birds in one stone, I plan to upload some of my designs on Pixabay. Probably, I’d get something out of it.
  4. Create a System Administration Manual for my client. This year I fixed a network of a hospital. I need to create a basic configuration and maintenance manual for their IT Admin.
  5. Learn Online/Social Media Marketing. – Marketing is my biggest weakness. I suppose this is a great time to face that weakness.
  6. Finish my first e-book. This is a long-overdue project. I have started this in the last quarter of last year but wasn’t able to finish it. I have to set a schedule and finish it ASAP. Then I have to…
  7. Learn how to publish and sell my e-book. Writing my e-book will be useless If I can’t sell it.

This is just seven of what I have in mind. There are still a few more but I’d rather keep them private for now.

Image Source: Pixabay

  • Do you have any special project while in quarantine?


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