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Defining Your World


Little children tell you the world the way it is. And most assuredly, that is how the world is.

I wish they stay pure and innocent as they are. Because to teenage children, it is a different world on their own—so hard to figure and reach out.

But it’s hard work you are willing to bet your life on— for your children. You feel that your growing pains alongside your teens, it’s a world of searching for meaning and purpose of Why am I here questions. And, we, being observers— at least you try to be—without a word, you feel their thoughts, struggles and roller-coaster emotions.

Our teens’ world is very real. Sometimes scary, challenging, and often, we don’t get it right with our relationship with them. Some are in bravery mode in every step of the way working out the way they want to see their world to be. Some, sadly, give up the battle.

Let’s face it, our mistakes become their compass. How? Our wrongs and mistakes, (which we have changed, thankfully), have become their turning point. Their quest to a better world than their parents’. Let’s just keep hoping and praying that as they build experiences in life– pains, failures, life-lessons, successes, happiness— they will tell us the way the world is in a brighter light.

We have hope that our children will always arrive at the answers to their question; Why am I here? That, as they search for meaning, why  they are here on earth, in this world— is to know God, do the purpose they are meant to do: Be part of God’s  good plan for a better world to live in.

As we grow older, as the days go so fast we’ve become aware, and self-aware than we imagined. We have become active, not passive observers, of not only this world around us, but in a much, much wider perspective of this universe.

So, unlike little children, how do you assign each matter its meaning and your resolves to your wider world, the universe?  Because the way you tell it, that is certainly how it is.

  • Do you believe that you are created as part of a very good plan on earth?

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    • No


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  1. It is folly to think that parents are responsible for the success of their childlren Nor are they responsible for their failures Parents play a small role and the rest is depending on the kind of exposure childlren get. This is my belief.

  2. It would be wonderful if our children learn from our mistakes as well. They won’t have to go through the same difficulties as we did. I’ve learned a lot from my parents, I have learned to take the good and leave out the not so good.

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