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Creating My Drafts Using Google Docs.

Hello, Virily friends. With all the bugs that we often encounter here on this site, I know that many of us had some frustrating experiences.

Today, instead of highlighting one of those bugs, I offer a workaround on one.

I have already posted in the past that I cannot edit my drafts. This is a bit frustrating especially if you already typed more than two hundred words and you end up starting the post all over again.

One quick solution for this situation is to view the draft or ‘Read’. Select all the text and copy the content to your clipboard. Simply put, select all (CTRL+A) and copy (CTRL+C). Create a new post and paste the text and continue with your post.

However, a more convenient solution that I started doing is using Google Docs to create my drafts. It’s not actually the first that I used Google Docs for this matter. But at the moment, I supposed this is the most convenient way to create a draft without the fear of losing it.

One advantage of using Google Docs to create my draft is, I sometimes need to make my drafts when I don’t have my laptop with me. Since Google Docs is automatically synced with the cloud server, I can continue my work on my laptop anytime without the trouble of transferring the files manually.

Hopefully, this little article helps.


The idea of writing this post popped up while reading one of Tasartcrafts comment in one of my posts.

Will Embedding Post Hurt Virily?

Will Embedding Post Hurt Virily?

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  1. i have done this for a long time, (not google docs). I gave up on the drafts on Virily with the first cheating scandal two years ago.

    Great tip – you can also use Notepad, and many other applications to do the draft offline!

  2. This is a great tip! I have some edited posts stuck in drafts that I don’t want to repost. For the future posts, I use anyway to check my spelling, and it creates drafts on the site automatically, so I keep mine there for now.


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