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Will Embedding Post Hurt Virily?

There is a current argument in Virily regarding embedding posts within a post, instead of using the regular link. The issue in concern in this matter is, the embedded pages give the reader additional viril points for opening those pages as if they were opened by the reader.

Lately,  a series of posts tagged as #spotlighting started by @CarolDM, is becoming a trend within the site. These posts are focused on other members and three of their old posts are embedded.

Here is one of such posts (embedded)

Spotlighting Our Members ~ Gloridaze“>

Spotlighting Our Members ~ Gloridaze


The concern brought up of one of the members is,  this might be exploited that might hurt the financial flow of the site and might even cause it to fold in the future. For me, it is quite a valid concern. Getting the additional virils for the readers and (most probably) the author of the embedded posts means they get extra income even when they did not purposely open those pages… at least that will the readers would observe from their point of view.

However, I did not reply if I should be concerned with this method or not. I could not conclude right away if embedding posts instead of using ordinary links would really hurt Virily. Why? Here are some of my reasons:

  1.  I wanted to remain objective on this matter and want to investigate first before I jump to any conclusion.
  2. Virily has a unique system in distributing Virily points based on activities and not just views. And the virily points are converted into $$$ with a variable conversion factor. (Although I have observed that $1 is more or less equivalent to 1000 viril points).
  3. I don’t fully understand is the algorithm behind the advertising income to viril points.
  4. Virily admins review each post before they become visible to other members.

On the technical side, this is what happens when pages are embedded in a page.

  1. Pages are embedded via the iframe tag. Using the iframe tag is like creating a small window within a page which allows the readers to see the actual content of another page or at least a part of it without actively opening that page.
  2. Because of this iframe tag, those embedded pages would be seen by any page-counter as actually opened. Thus trigger the additional virily points.

 My other thoughts on embedding pages.

  1. The method of ‘embedding pages’ is not new in Virily. In fact, when you create a post, there is even an option to ‘Embed’ a video or other pages. Although it was just recently that this method is used to embed other pages from within Virily.
  2. Other sites allow are even encouraging it. You may have noticed, you can embed a Youtube video within any site. Thus you can watch the video even without opening the Youtube website itself.


Points for concern.


Here are at least three aspects that could be the points for concern:


  1. Loading the embedded pages consumes additional resources for the servers without additional income.
  2. Readers get extra viril points without opening the pages thus without loading the ads.
  3. This method could be exploited to earn extra viril points without helping the site to earn more.

My thoughts on these concerns:

  1. I don’t think that embedding a few pages would hurt the server because only the main content or just a part of it is loaded in the iframe window.
  2. The embedded pages are ‘Technically’ loaded. But I’m not sure if there will be an additional ‘hit’ for the ad that is supposed to be displayed on that page?
  3. Virily has long implemented some safety measures against abuse and exploits. Users have a daily limit for the number virils they can earn. Thanks to @tasartcraft for pointing this out.
  • Question of

    Do you think Embedding Pages would hurt Virily in the future?

    • Yes
  • Question of

    Would you embed some posts of other authors in your own post?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Do you like CarolDM’s idea of spotlighing other members?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. The issue really is that people have a viril limit and are focused on that. I do understand that, its why I spend less time here now.

    1. With a virily limit, embedded posts can generate more virils per visit and result in your reaching your cap quicker.
    2. There is a lot of misinformation on this topic floating around. I suspect the best thing to do is for you, as the author, take this link and send it to the admin team directly
    ( letting them know your concerns.

    As for embedded posts, they do not impact the stie waht-so-ever in any way.

    • The site owners are allowing these posts. It’s their site. They get to choose what appears here. The site owners get to make the rules here and members should follow their rules. I have had experience with many sites like Virily before joining Virily and THEY ALL SUCKED!! The ones that did not suck, they had to shut down for the owner’s personal reasons (death, illness, etc.)

      Just wanted to say that for the record. Carry on good people!

    • I believe the viril limits is there to safeguard the site from exploits. Exploits may cause them spend more on paying members than their income…

      As for sending an email to support… well I wish Natalie is still part of the support team. 😀

  2. I don’t believe Carol intentionally did spotlighting to earn not-worked for virils. I have been long here to know she doesn’t take advantage of others.
    The admins or technical team know about posting posts inside a post.
    I think the admin team will deal with the issue if earning virils for unopened posts.
    Again, people should not read spotlighted posts if they don’t intend to open the linked posts to avoid ‘stealing’ points.

    • True. The method of linking which resulted in unintentional embedding the posts may be fine with the admins. Thus the additional virils are unintentional as well… The admins surely know this by now.
      If they keep on approving such posts, then it is not hurting the site.

  3. Thank you for your opinion on this matter. I am only copying and pasting the URL’s in my spotlight posts. We have all done this in the past. Just recently were we able to actually see the post without clicking the link. I am not using the embed feature. My posts are all done through the polls option. I do not see anything at all wrong with the posts. We are not talking thousands of points or dollars, only trying to help other members. That is all. Again, many thanks for your opinion.


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