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Create Something Beautiful

This is nice note when starting to write an article here in Virily.   Create something beautiful.  It is very inspiring.  I was away for a long time, when I return I don’t know what I was looking at.  I even forgot how to write an article.   Oopsies, was it that so long.   As I return I also noticed that aside from the look of the site, some people are new too.   It is fine, people come and go like me.   I did not go because I have a hard feelings at Virily.  I was just a bit busy.   Anyway for now, I am thinking what will I create something beautiful  and at this point I will open a challenge for new members (newbies) like me and also the veterans to “Create Something Beautiful Challenge“.  It could be anytime of the week.   Create Something Beautiful is a  challenge, with no rules, no barriers, something you like you share that you created, could it be something like crafts, a poem, a picture edited, a picture taken, anything under the sun.   I am scared to open writing challenges, no one might participate, but it is fine, I like the way it sounds.   Create Something Beautiful, very inspiring and motivating, indeed.

Just write or create something beautiful.  

Photos from pixabay and mine.

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