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Crazy colors ~ How important and wonderful it is when someone, even if a pure stranger, is sincerely kind to us

I like those who smile at me just like that and don’t make their lives and their consciences difficult because someone else just doesn’t follow the same rules.

At its core, kindness is a sincere concern for a fellow human being. That we wish him the best and are aware that this person has the same desires, needs, and tendencies as we have.

Kindness is warmth, flexibility, patience, trust, loyalty, and gratitude.

It frees us from getting entangled in negative relationships and emotions such as resentment, jealousy, suspicion, and manipulation.

It is important that we are not kind out of selfishness or recalcitrance.

Let us also be kind to those who are not necessarily kind to us. In addition, let us be kind to ourselves. Let’s look at ourselves as a person worthy of goodness.

Let us not forget that we too deserve generosity, compassion, and kindness.

How to embark on this path that would change the world if everyone embarked on it?

Let’s reduce our judgments about people. Let’s stop wasting time critically judging other people and dedicate it rather to compassion and understanding.

Let’s not expect perfection. Not from yourself, not from others. Let us accept mistakes.

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  1. i find that we often judge more to access situations and people. It is hard not to, the question I always ask is, once you judge someone, can you admit you were wrong?

    that is the mark of a good person in the end. Someone that judges someone harshly, then realizes they were wrong and apologizes!


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