Covid Lockdown level One – Almost as usual.

Covid lockdown 4 was a bit of a shock as businesses ceased and people went into isolation. 

As we watched and saw many in Italy die of Covid 19 in Italy our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made the decision to stop the spread of the virus, and quickly. 

Jacinda Ardern probably saved thousands of New Zealanders when she made this decision, and if it were not for this quick decision, many here in New Zealand would be dead.

Now we have been coming back to normal with caution…

Take nothing for granted.

Businesses would not be good if most of their customers and staff die from this virus. 

Really, I don’t care who is responsible , it has to be stopped. 

Hygiene is a very good precaution and take care.

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    Best way not to get sick is prevention, right?

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    What lockdown stage is your place at?(tell me in the comments)

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Written by Pamela Moresby


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