Corona Virus or bio terrorism?

Do you know the term “bio-terrorism”?  This term is used when bacteria and a variety of hazardous and deadly substances used to paralyzed human, animals, plants.

The debate has also emerged after fever and death from various viruses and bacteria around the world, whether humans are pushing the planet to destruction by spreading harmful health and deadly germs worldwide and its one of example malaria.  

It is said that mosquitoes were used against the enemy after experimenting with making them deadly and dangerous and Similarly, the same methodology were used for crops destruction. This can be done during war or for a specific purpose.

Examples from history that call for marking or paying attention to this biological terrorism, say that the forces found poison or bacteria in their drinking water to subdue their opponents. Suffering from the disease and it was a very simple and common procedure.

Often during the war, animal waste and other impurities were thrown into the water of rivers, canals and ponds and such contaminated water were use for fatal purpose but in recent times scientific advances have led to new ways.

It is said that in the 20th century, Germany used the same methodology and affected the opposing forces animals after the deadly germs were grown in the laboratory.

The Corona virus that came to China last month has reached more than 20 countries worldwide. It is feared that it may spread far beyond that and a significant number may be affected.

There has been debate on social media after the Corona virus attack on whether China has been targeted? Life in China has been badly affected by the virus and its economic activities have been declined, many countries have stopped trade and transportation with China. However, nothing can be said finally in this regard.

  • Do you think bio terrorism methodology has been used against China ?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?


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      • It is the same process that was noted in past centuries when something bad happened in a community and people said that it must be due to witchcraft. Fingers got pointed at innocent people who ended up hanging from trees because the rumour mill went into overdrive and enough people believed the rumours.

        In order to prove what you say you need to produce hard evidence, not just hearsay.

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