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Color Crazy Challenge – Purple color: Bougainvillea

It’s hard to understand what colors existed centuries ago. The ancient Greek sculptures were not white, but it is very strange for us to see them restored in color – we are so accustomed to their whiteness that we have identified the elegance of ancient Greek sculptures in that white, and any introduction of color into this context seems foreign and incomprehensible to us.

Society creates color, defines it and its meaning, gives it codes and values that give it purpose and subtext. The creative process takes place by recognizing color – calling it by some name, but what we call purple today may have once been called a color that has nothing to do with purple at all. It is easier to analyze colors surrounded by other colors.

When thinking about colors, it is worth remembering that the ways of artificial lighting have changed, which has greatly affected our perception of colors in the home environment and surrounded by other colors. Houses are no longer lit by torches, kerosene lamps or candles. We perceive colors in the light emitted by a light bulb, and the concepts of natural home lighting have changed over time – in the past, windows were smaller, now they are bigger. The different sizes of the windows changed people’s relationships with the colors of the home space.

An object that is constantly observed in the dark will be described as one color, although it is perceived quite differently for us when brought to light today. 

Anyway, purple is one of my favorite colors. This Bougainvillea was shot in Turkey. 

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