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Color Crazy Challenge – Pink home for homeless cats

If you were in Turkey, you, of course, saw how many homeless cats there are. And all they are loved and taken care of. You can see such homes built for cats, you can see places where people put food for them. 

You can see cats walking even in outdoor cafes between tables and no one is trying to get rid of them. Pets are especially loved there. Look at this colorful cats home put at the outskirts of the city which someone built for them… 

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  1. as the pink home is made nice and beautiful for the cats which are homeless, there should be the kinds of cats also very beautiful and charming.

  2. this pink home is in Turkey for the homeless cats. the home is built very well and beautiful. it is better place for the rest and living of cats in that country.

  3. That is a lovely cat house someone built. I don’t see any homeless cats around where I live. This is a resort town and if they are around they probably hide away from the crowds. If I could I would help homeless cats.