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Coexistence or Smothering

On one of my walks I noticed a strange bunch of trees and decided to take a closer look. Here is what I saw, it was a clump or three or maybe four trees. These trees are usually huge , but here three is obviously a crowd and it hasn’t been very favorable to their growth.

However, I believe this is not all, there is a fourth element in the picture , it is a climber or a vine. The vine which usually does not grow more than a couple of inches thick has twined itself around the middle tree , chocked it growth and has almost smothered it. They still coexist but they seem to be compromised.

In life too we need our space to grow and become what we are meant to be. We could easily be crowded out and our growth compromised if we do not have sufficient space. While we need friends or relationships because we are social creatures, we could happily coexist only if we agree to respect each others space.

In marriage too we experience the same thing, when partners respect they other’s space there is a healthy, loving marriage; possessiveness, jealousy etc kills any relationship.This applies to our children too. Let’s give each other the space to grow and become what they have the potential to become.

  • Is your personal space important to you?

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  • Do smothering relationships bother you?

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