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Choco – Saturday Critters

Choco our little girl was with us for 14 yers, she was hale and hearty and died in a freak accident. After Choco I never wanted to have a dog again, but the boys wouldn’t hear of it. They begged me until I got  a couple of years later Spark and after Spark came Zoe.

I brought Choco home when she was forty days old. She slept with us in our bed as a baby. She was only the size of my hand then, being a small dog. She had to be handfed until she was two moths old.

Choco was a fun dog, but very obedient. She love to play ball with the kids in the apartment, the only problem was if the ball didn’t come to her as often as she expected she would grab it and runaway with it.

She loved to imitate us. This picture was taken when my younger son and I were playing creating shadows in the light of a candle. She decided that she wanted to be part of the game as well.

She loved to be groomed but hated it when I put clothes on  her. That was the only time she would be annoyed, otherwise she was a happy, active dog.

She was everyone’s pet in the apartment and kids there often wrote about her in their essays. After Choco’s untimely death I decided I couldn’t stay in the house anymore so we bought this place and moved out of there, The memories she left us are way to precious to forget in a hurry. It will be seven years now in April since we lost her.

We miss her and talk about her often at home.

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Written by Dawn

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