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Chinese Trumpet Vine – Campsis Grandiflora

Yesterday I  was determined to watch the sunrise and decided to go to the lake for the extravaganza. When I came to the front porch I was greeted with thick fog. You could barely see a couple feet ahead of you.

We still had our fingers crossed and drove down to the lake, things were even worse.  We waited fpor a while and the weather didn’t improve. It was already time for breakfast by then so we deiced to have breakfast at the restaurant. on our way back we stopped at a near by park to take some pictures. ‘I found my favorite Chinese trumpet vine there. This is also called Bignonia Grandiflora

I had this vine earlier in my garden but this was one of those plant that didn’t like our new home. It died as soon as we moved in. It is a woody creeper which blooms profuse . I was just happy seeing it . I am sure it will soon be found in  my garden again.

These bright flowers can be a great attraction for birds and bees alike.  Sunbirds flock these plants  in the early mornings and mid  afternoons.

Though I was disappointed that I couldn’t watch the sunrise I was happy to see the colors of dawn (though a little more vibrant) in these these flowers again.

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