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Chinese New Year, Year of the Pig

Chinese New Year starts on February 5th this time. Yellow Earth Dog gives way to the Yellow Earth Pig.

I enjoy drawing animals, that’s why I usually draw a symbol of the upcoming year. So, I want to share with you some of my new creations πŸ™‚

First is just a drawing of the Yellow Pig, I tried to express the cuteness of piglets and mini-pigs in this stylized illustration.

Next is a stylized portrait of the Red River Hog, one of the brightest members of the pigs family. When I saw this animal on the photo, I thought I should paint it and this was a great occasion to do it!

Here and here you can find some souvenirs with these and other my prints.

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    Welcome, The Earth Pig!

    • Welcome!
    • Please, bring us some joy and happiness!
    • Happy New Year! πŸ™‚
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    Did you know something about this gorgeous animal?

    • Yes, I saw them at the zoo
    • First time I see this animal
    • I saw this animal in a wild!
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    Good bye, The Earth Dog!

    • Good bye!
    • No, stay for a minute, please!


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Written by Lapka

Graphic #designer and #illustrator


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  1. The illustrations are nice. Here our NZ pigs have been imported, a large Captain cooker pig is found in the wild.
    Wild pigs are very dangerous animals and can kill a person easily
    Pigs are often farmed as well
    Some even keep them as pets.
    Pigs are very intelligent animals. On one farm, the children often took it for walks like a dog.


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