Check our Veterans

Times like this and shooting events send my husband right back to war. The anger wells up. He becomes angry and intolerant. He processes it as another act of war. Evan after all the help came and the process of healing continues this kind of violence triggers rage. Thanks to a great local professional he is able to focus after some extreme physical activity things began to calm. The second shooting started the entire event over again. There was so much going on. Between the two events we had a thunder storm like no other. You could feel the house shake. He made me lay down and take cover. Please take some time to check on our veterans and see how they are dealing with things.Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is never cured, it is simply dealt with.

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  1. The shootings affect everyone in one way or another. It’s hard to fathom why this is happening so often. I’m sorry your husband is dealing with PTSD.